One of My All-Time Favourite Destinations in Santorini, Greece –

One of My All-Time Favourite Destinations in Santorini, Greece

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, then you must check out the island of Santorini. Known as the Greek island of the gods, Santorini is an ideal destination to relax, unwind and explore. From Oia, the ancient village of Thera to the picturesque red beach, you’re bound to find an activity or two to enjoy while you’re there. Whether you’re into scuba diving, water sports, or just a relaxing day on the beach, you’re bound to find something to do in Santorini.


One of my All-Time Favorite Destinations in the World is Santorini, Greece. This cliff-top Greek island is home to the stunning Amoudi Bay, where you can enjoy the sunset over the sea. The town is also a popular spot for seafood eateries, and you can take a boat ride around the island to get the best views of the cliffs.

Ancient Thera

Among my favourite destinations in Santorini Greece, Ancient Thera is one of the most impressive. This Doric colonnaded building, with its sloping roof, was built around the 8th century BC. Thera had commercial ties to other major cities in Greece, such as Corinth. The city was also connected to other island towns, including Crete and Cyclades, and was part of the Phoenician alphabet. Thera was once a bustling seaport and had monuments to Caesar and other rulers.

Amoudi Bay

When you’re planning a vacation to Santorini, Greece, you might be wondering where to stay. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, so it’s best to book your accommodations well in advance. This destination boasts plenty of picturesque vistas. Its stunning views are worth the price of admission, and you can enjoy some of the island’s best attractions without breaking the bank.

Skaros Rock

If you’re looking for a scenic spot, I would highly recommend visiting the Skaros Rock. You can access it by hiking the trail from Imerovigli. The trail is steep and requires you to use a pair of sturdy shoes. Also, be sure to bring a bottle of water. Visiting Skaros Rock at sunset is the best time of day to explore this spectacular rock formation.

Oia’s nightlife

It is difficult to describe Oia’s nightlife in words. It is more refined and relaxed than the lively atmosphere of Fira. Visitors here are after creatively cooked Greek food and mixology-mixed cocktails. Oia has no real nightclubs, but the town does have a surprisingly laidback atmosphere after dark.

Oia’s village

The famous village of Oia, also known as Apano Meria or Anomeria, is located 12 km from Fira on the island of Santorini. It is the most popular destination for tourists and boasts incredible views of the caldera and the island of Thirassia. The town has a beautiful Venetian castle ruins and is famous for its breathtaking sunsets.


The beautiful volcanic islands of Santorini are a natural wonder. The island’s capital, Fira, sits on the edge of a sky-high caldera, which makes it a perfect place for sunset-watching. The views of the Aegean Sea from Fira are simply breathtaking. The town is surrounded by wineries, and I recommend making a reservation.

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