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Stunning Places to Visit in Havana, Cuba

When visiting Havana Cuba, you might find yourself in awe of its architecture. You can’t miss the Plaza Vieja and El Malecon. And once you’re done admiring the city’s stunning architecture, don’t forget to visit El Morro Castle and Finca Vigia. Listed below are a few other amazing places to visit in Havana.

El Malecon

You can spend your whole day strolling along El Malecon, a beautiful seawall with six lanes and an ample sidewalk. The Malecon is a popular place for people to enjoy the sea view, while the nightlife here is very lively. You can watch the sunset, or dance the night away with the crowds. The area is famous for its Santeria offerings, which are generally low-value coins.

El Morro Castle

If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, you’ll surely want to take a look at the El Morro fortress. Built in the 17th century, this fortress has a lot to offer its visitors. Parts of the castle are still standing, and you can see an extensive network of tunnels underneath. El Morro also boasts a museum and a lighthouse. The lighthouse is particularly impressive, as it offers breathtaking views of the city.

Finca Vigia

You’ll find the home of American author Ernest Hemingway at Finca Vigia, a beautiful country estate located just outside of Havana. The home, which he lived at for 20 years, is now a museum, displaying his books and hunting trophy heads. You can also ride in a vintage American convertible, which will cost about 40 CUC per hour.

Plaza Vieja

If you are looking for a gorgeous place to visit in Havana Cuba, then Plaza Vieja should be at the top of your list. Originally laid out in 1559, this square is one of the most colorful and architecturally diverse squares in the city. Cuban baroque and Gaudi-inspired art nouveau coexist harmoniously on this plaza. Originally used for military exercises, the plaza was converted into a market, and today it is a lively, attractive square in the heart of Old Havana.

El Capitolio

If you are interested in art, you should visit one of the city’s fine arts museums. You can find one of them at the start of Calle Obispo, between Parque Central and El Floridita. It’s located in an old building and has a rotating exhibition of Cuban and foreign art. If you have time, you can also visit the nearby National Art Center.

El Guarida

One of the most stunning places to visit in Hacuba is El Guarida. The mansion is divided into many parts, and you can watch the soap operas on the television as you climb the stairs. As you dine, you will be surrounded by the sounds of a kitchen, and you’ll feel at home. If you’re not accustomed to Cuban food, try one of the privately-owned restaurants like La Guarida, which has a homey ambiance and great seafood.

Colon Cemetery

The colossal tombs of the famous people in Havana can be seen from the city’s best spots. The tombs are more like mausoleums than trees. Though they are not the final resting place of famous people, these tombs provide the visitors a place to rest their eyes. Located in a quiet section of Havana, the Colon Cemetery offers a respite from the bustling city.

Zapata Swamp

If you’re looking for a natural beauty spot in the heart of the Havana, Cuba region, you’ll find it in the Zapata Peninsula. This remote region is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the Caribbean, including one of the largest wetlands in the world. The area also contains some of the most diverse animal and plant life in Cuba, including the Zapata wren, the world’s smallest bird, and the Cuban crocodile.

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