Top Things to See in Bora Bora, French Polynesia –

Top Things to See in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you’re planning a holiday to the South Pacific, one of the top things to do is go scuba diving in Borabora. This idyllic island lies northwest of Tahiti, surrounded by motus of sand. The island is famed for its scuba diving opportunities and luxury resorts. The picturesque vistas from the island’s perched bungalows look out onto a pristine turquoise lagoon. Mt. Otemanu, a dormant volcano, towers over the village, rising 727 metres above the sea.

Turtle center

There are many ways to enjoy a visit to the Turtle Center in Bora Tona, French Polynesia. This beautiful location offers an array of experiences that will leave visitors with a lifetime of memories. Visitors will have a chance to swim with sea turtles and dive with hawksbill turtles. Afterwards, they can spend some quality time with their families or friends. The experience will leave them with a newfound desire to visit the turtles again.

The turtle center is open daily from 8:00am to 10pm, and visitors are welcome to join in a feeding session at 10:30am and a turtle swim excursion at 9:00am. Guests of Le Meridien can join the Turtle Center to learn about these majestic creatures and help keep the turtles as clean as possible. Guests can use toothbrushes to scrub turtle shells, while the staff will help guests rinse them.

Mount Otemanu

If you love the outdoors, you’ll want to go up Mount Otemanu, the island’s massive mountain. From the summit, you’ll get some spectacular views of the surrounding islands and the ocean below. If you’re looking for a romantic spot on the island, a private island wedding is a perfect choice. Or you can try your hand at snorkeling and wakeboarding!

Located in the center of the island, Mount Otemanu is a volcano that reaches nearly 2,400 feet above the lagoon. It’s possible to admire the mountain from a boat or hike its base. But if you’re unsure of your physical capabilities, you can also hire a guide to take you up the mountain. The hike can be strenuous, so make sure to go with an experienced guide. If you don’t want to do the hike yourself, you can rent a helicopter to fly over the volcano and admire the view.


For snorkeling and swimming, you’ll find the best place to do it is the lagoonarium. Located on an islet in the lagoon, you can swim and snorkel alongside the sea creatures there. You can even opt for a private tour of the lagoonarium, which includes lunch on a private island. To make the experience even better, you can book a private bungalow at the lagoonarium.

Another must-see on Bora-Bora Island is the Paroisse Saint Pierre Celestin Church, a landmark of the island. The interior is bathed in light from stained-glass windows. This stunning structure is worth a visit whether you want to attend a mass or just take a walk through. You’ll probably see this building from a cruise ship as you approach the island, where a cross rises in the distance. The church’s spire and cross on its roof contrast with the rolling green hiss in the background.

Sunset cruises

You can enjoy romantic evenings on sunset cruises in Bora Borea, French Polynesia, and the island is definitely a romantic destination. It is an ideal place to get closer to your partner while admiring the beautiful sunset. You can also enjoy a glass of Champagne on the front or rear deck of the private boat. The cruise ends with a three-course dinner, which includes an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, including a passion-fruit cheesecake or caramelized tarte tatin.

To experience the most romantic sunset cruises, you can book private or small-group tours with a local guide. The best sunset cruises in Bora Borea take small groups, and are often sold out well in advance. The price is a big factor, as most of these tours are private and only take a small number of passengers. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance so you don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the sunset in style.

Black pearls

If you’re interested in buying black pearls, you’ve come to the right place. The island’s capital, Papeete, is home to scores of pearl stores and bijouteries, but you should be careful not to fall prey to dishonest dealers. The best places to buy pearls are in the Quartier du Commerce, which is located in a small area off the boulevard Pomare, between the rue Paul Gauguin and the Ecole des Freres.

While many visitors flock to Bora-Bora for its gorgeous beaches and turquoise lagoons, black pearls are perhaps the most unique and stunning sight in the country. Embedded in the lagoons, black pearls are the main attraction on the island. There are over 15 shops dedicated to black pearls in Vaitape, the main town of the island. While pearls are usually expensive, you can also find cheap versions of them at the island’s pearl markets.

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