Top Things to See in New York –

Top Things to See in New York

Whether you’re a history buff or a culture vulture, New York has something for everyone. You’ll find endless choice, soaring skyscrapers, and honking yellow cabs. Visiting New York is an experience you won’t soon forget. Here are some top things to see and do while in the city. Enjoy! Then come back and experience the city again.

Time Square

The world’s most famous crossroads is Time Square, the place to see and be seen in Manhattan. The area is densely populated and draws about 300,000 people daily, with an even greater crowd on New Year’s Eve. Its neon lights and Broadway marquees are a popular attraction, and you can find just about anything you could want or need here. If you’re in the mood for a bit of history, you can head over to the Times Square Church.

The Statue of Liberty

A colossal neoclassical sculpture, the Statue of Liberty stands proudly on the island of the same name in the New York Harbor. It’s a must-see when visiting the city. Here are five reasons why the Statue of Liberty is one of the top things to see in New York. These places are unique and memorable, and all have their own charm.

The Met

The Met is a world-class museum. Its paintings are truly amazing. The museum is a two-story hall adorned with Ionic columns. The artwork is so lifelike that you’ll find it difficult to believe you’re seeing it on paper. A must-see piece is the Dance Class, which is a painting of a group of ballerinas with their mothers, waiting for their examination.

The Oculus

The Oculus is a gorgeous, futuristic structure in the heart of New York City. Located right near the World Trade Center, it’s a great place for visitors to get on and off trains and subways. Visitors can also shop, dine, and enjoy art and music performances at the Oculus. There are even several events and activities going on here during the week.

Central Park

The scenic views of Central Park are a wonderful attraction. You can even walk along the paths to see historic attractions, like the famous Belvedere Castle. The park is also home to the oldest public monument in North America and many statues of famous people. For a truly memorable experience, take time to view a play in the park. It’s a must-do activity for any New York visitor.

The city’s zoos

The Bronx Zoo is America’s largest metropolitan zoo. It occupies 265 acres in the Bronx borough and is home to more than 10,000 animals. The zoo features outdoor settings replicating various natural habitats. For example, the Congo Gorilla Forest recreates the African rainforest for western lowland gorillas, while the Madagascar Exhibit showcases the island’s lemurs.

The Hudson Valley

Located in the heart of New York, the Hudson Valley is a natural wonder. It spans the Hudson River from Manhattan to Albany and sprawls out on both sides of the river. The area is home to many historic sites, art galleries, and museums that celebrate Hudson River School painters. In addition, there are several vineyards and craft beer breweries to visit. For a unique and relaxing day out, consider visiting the Hudson Valley during the fall.

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